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Welcome to the Internet’s most exciting Employment Opportunities and Job Placement website agency” was the first message you came across when visiting soon after it was established in 1995. About a quarter of a century later, the website went offline. We followed the history of the site to get an idea of what happened to it. We also took the time to find the ten most influential articles it published.

The History of was the official website of The Employment Guide LLC, a resource owned by Dominion Enterprises. Employment Guide called itself the “leading online niche job board focusing on hourly to mid-management employment opportunities” (Source). 

As a job placement agency, claimed to provide its local job and career opportunities free to its readers. The company also said that 580,000 copies of its print edition were distributed to more than 12,000 locations in the United States (Source).

Release of Improved Website 

In a press release published in August 2005, reported that it had revamped its website. The press release quotes an unnamed job seeker who says, “The new navigation on is very clean and user-friendly. If I have to refine my search, it’s very easy to do from the job results. I also like that I have the ability to save my jobs easily” (Source). 

Partnering with CareersInGear

In June 2008, announced a partnership with the website, a site dedicated to truck driving jobs.

In a statement, indicated that the partnership allowed “employers to easily distribute their jobs to Websites powered by The Employment Guide, including,,, and” Its statement continues, “The result is a more efficient hiring process, which will save companies time and money” (Source).    

The 10 Most Important Articles Published on 

In remembrance of, we went down memory lane and found the most influential articles published on the site. The list we present below is based on the articles that received the most backlinks from other websites. We believe that the influence of a story can often be estimated by looking at the attention it attracted.

1. Tips to Help Make Your Job Interview Successful

This article shows that certain things could improve your chances of getting a job after an interview. These essential attributes include being prepared, professional, polite, and showing some appreciation after the interview.

The article also presents some key points that you need to consider when attending an interview. These include: researching the company, practicing what you will say, dressing appropriately, and drafting the questions that you will ask in the interview when given a chance (Source).

2. 5 Ways to Promote Positive Mental Health

The writer of this article, Adella Klein, looks at one of the essential elements of being a great employee: positive mental health. Klein introduces the top five ways of promoting positive mental health:

  • Eating healthy
  • Drinking enough water (at least eight glasses daily)
  • Shunning bad habits, such as smoking
  • Knowing how to deal with stress 
  • Getting regular mental health check-ups

3. Trucking as a Second Career 

“Unlike some jobs that require extensive training, licensing, and ongoing professional development, trucking allows you to take some of your past experience in the business world as well as in life in general and help you in this career,” says this article

The article also notes that the trucking industry can be ideal for older individuals looking for a second career just before retirement. Such people are usually in stable marriages, or they are single. Their day-to-day demands have become manageable, and the kids have left home. This makes a career that takes them away from home for extended periods, not to be as disruptive (Source). 

4. Making the Most of a Job Fair 

According to this piece, job fairs can be “as serious as a first interview, [and] an opportunity to gather information about potential employers” (Source). The writer then presents some essential things to do if you want to make the most of job fairs.

For instance, the article notes the importance of preparing adequately by determining what the job fair is all about, knowing which questions you will ask the employers, and having an impressive resume with the most up-to-date contact information. It also looks at the things you need to do during the job fair, like dressing appropriately and appearing confident. It also advises job seekers to follow up with a thank-you note (Source). 

5. Thank you, Letter Tips 

This article gives an overview of how to write a proper thank you letter after attending an interview. Some of the critical components highlighted in the piece include addressing the interviewer using their name as opposed to madam or sir. This article advises that the thank you letter should also have a summary of the critical things you would like the hiring manager to remember.

6. What You Need to Operate a Bucket Truck or Digger Derrick under CDL (Commercial Driver’s License)

Posted on November 27, 2017, the article attempts to clarify when a CDL is needed.  It notes that “to be required to have CDL, your truck must weigh more than 26,000 lbs.” The piece adds, “That means, bucket trucks or digger derrickswith a GVW of 26,000 will be legal to operate without a commercial driver’s license.”

7. How to Prepare for Random Interview Questions

If there is one thing that almost every job seeker will agree with, in this article, it is the sentence: “Today’s job interview is almost like being on a game show; you have to be prepared for anything.” The piece presents some random interview questions and tips that can be helpful during interviews (Source).

8. Punching the Clock Everyday Leading You to Want to Punch Your Boss?

This hilarious piece is about a holiday that falls on January 27, the ‘Punch the Clock Day.’ This is a holiday that celebrates underappreciated employees.

The article gives an example of the type of employee that should be celebrating this day: “Your boss consistently mixes up your name with another employee,” and when they give you work, they forget that you are not superhuman (Source). 

9. College Students Face a Tough Choice

This article warns against proceeding to graduate school without due diligence. It notes that “it would be better to find out if graduate school is necessary, after a few years of work experience, than to go to graduate school and later find out it was unnecessary and [you] lack work experience” (Source).

10. 6 Common Resume Mistakes

In this article, Karl Giles, a Copywriter for Employment Guide, presents some common resume mistakes. These mistakes include content that is difficult to follow, spelling and grammar mistakes, a generalized resume (not prepared with a specific job in mind), and a complicated design. Giles advises individuals who are not experienced in writing resumes to find examples of well-written resumes and use them as a starting point (Source).

What Then Happened to

It looks like was online until the end of 2019, after which it started to display the message, ‘The site can’t be reached.’

There is no clarity as to what happened to the site. In an entry on Glassdoor, a former employee indicates that the division under which belonged, Dominion Enterprises, was sold by the owner without much press (Source). 


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