You say Party, Malta says Festa

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A 365-day vacation . . .

Think about the best parts of vacation: vistas worthy of a postcard, meeting fascinating new people, food that surpasses your daily place ‘round the corner at home, and exciting local festivals and customs to explore. We know vacation is great—but what if you could have all these things year-round AND get paid to be there?

Located in stunning Malta, our international client is a financial company that believes online trading should be available to all . . . and it turns out the world agreed with them! Twenty years on, they’ve seen incredible growth around the globe. With a brand that’s recognized worldwide and a passion for hiring extraordinary employees, they are looking for a few great people to join their team.

The Malta office is looking for a front-end developer. You should be used to working with a package manager (they use npm), a task runner (like Gulp or Webpack), a CSS preprocessor, and WebSockets. They’ve looking for someone with a wealth of experience across the JavaScript ecosystem – you should have opinions on ES6, played with TypeScript, understand the role of Babel and Web Workers, and you’ve mastered a modern framework like React or Angular.

Malta is a tiny slice of paradise on earth . . . and when we say tiny, we do mean tiny. At 316 square kilometers, Malta is one of Europe’s smallest countries, but it packs a whole lot of wonderful into one bitty package. All summer long, each Maltese village takes it in turns to hold a festa—a local festival to celebrate the patron saint of the village. They get down with parties, fireworks, fabulous food, and all sorts of activities that will make you feel like you’re on vacation even if it’s Wednesday night. On top of the summer-long party, they’ve got incredible hiking, world-class diving, 300 days of sunshine, and some of the friendliest citizens in the world. English is an official language and healthcare is ridiculously affordable, so you’ll feel at ease in your new home.

If you hate beautiful weather, friendly people, and a summer of charming local festivals, then Malta isn’t for you. However, if this sounds like a festa you can’t pass up, email us to let us know, and we’ll save you a seat at the next celebration!

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