Senior Front-end Engineer with strong UI/UX; React / Redux / D3.js / JavaScript

 Ref: OSC1265  Remote from UK or York Office (see more)  £45-60k
image is DSC_8345-Hot Monitoring by Dieter R, via Flickr; license: CC BY-2.0

Building single-page form-based apps is all well and good but you’re after something more. While you’ve got unimpeachable React / Redux skills, and you know how to make an interface pretty, what makes you stand out from other developers is the degree to which you care about making your work usable and effective. You’ve consumed all the Edward Tufte you can get your hands on, you’ve got opinions on which colour gradients work well for illustrating different types of data, and you’ve spent hours playing with the examples on the D3 gallery page.

Our client is building an innovative data visualization platform, specialized in surfacing the data points that can really drive decision making. While the product itself is beautiful, the ability for customers to use natural language queries to understand their data and the degree to which the product invites users to explore the data points that makes up these visualisations is what really makes it stand apart.

You’ll be able to work at all levels of the development cycle; you’ll take high-level problems the customer-base is trying to solve with their data, and build up blueprints for how the  product could most effectively help them. You’ll work with the rest of the engineering team to think about that data could also be presented inside an API, what performance impact that kind of query might have, to what degree the data could be precalculated. You’ll build it out in React / Redux / D3.js, and you’ll work out if there are technology choices that could be brought into the stack to help.

Skills and Experience

  • Strong development skills with React / Redux / D3.js     
  • Passionate about UI, UX, and data visualization     
  • Modern browser technologies - Web Components, ESM, micro-frontends, and service workers     
  • Familiarity with a modern, continuous delivery approach to development


  • Work in the office or work from home    
  • Time and money personal development budget  
  • Very friendly, supportive and helpful team


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