Make holidays happier: book yourself into this Senior Javascript Developer’s resort

Job ref: OSC1150 - Location: London

Okay so when we say ‘resort’ we’re reaching, it’s a job role in a London workspace, but we know you knew that was coming. You’ll be working for a large company that helps folks enjoy their holidays that bit more with the aid of prepaid currency cards, sticking two fingers up to the airport bureau de changes and their eye-wateringly awful exchange rates. You can pretend you’re Fight Club’s Tyler Durden on a very macro scale.

With other people’s dosh and with the smoothness of their holidays resting in the palm of your hand, you’ll be taking on a shedload of responsibility with work that absolutely has to be right on the money, literally.

Their offices are located in the heart of “The City”, AKA the financial district, but you don’t need to dress like Patrick Bateman to fit in (please don’t), and you don’t need to live there as it’s easily walkable from London Bridge station, where commuting across or into London will be a breeze as long as no one farts in your carriage.

With the company transitioning to Javascript you’ll have the opportunity to take them in new technical  directions, build an architectural structure that stands the test of time, and stop holiday-goer’s pounds from taking a pounding. Could you call yourself the Robin Hood of coding? Tenuous but I wouldn’t stop you.

This image was originally posted to Flickr by philippryke. Licensed under the terms of the cc-by-2.0.

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