JavaScript / TypeScript Architect and Developer Advocate - build a whole new platform

 Ref: OSC1261  South-West London (see more)  £95,000 - £100,000
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You’re an expert JavaScript developer whose contributions to npm Registry single-handedly raised the overall code quality there. You found React intriguing enough that you tried to implement your own clean-room version to better understand the design decisions they made. You’ve effortlessly added TypeScript and GraphQL to your tool belt.

And now it’s time to build your masterpiece, your magnum opus – our client needs a platform and a framework designed, with you as the architect.

You’ll be adding the integration platform to a piece of well-designed enterprise software that’s used by the NHS, HMRC, Garmin, and a whole field of other companies you’ve heard of, as well as a dizzying array of smaller companies. You’ll be adding the functionality that allows people to build and deploy apps inside of the software itself.

At first you’ll gather business requirements, and make architectural decisions about how you’re going to support various app use-cases. You’ll work out how you’ll expose existing data, setup triggers and endpoints, design an elegant GraphQL model, and how you’ll simplify the life of developers who end up targeting your platform. You’ll already have a good grasp of browser security – security sandboxing principals, CORS, and so on – and you’re the kind of geek who’ll enjoy detailing how you want authentication to work. Which pieces of functionality should the platform include? Which batteries should be included? You tell us.

But then, once your masterpiece is done, you’ll need to share it with the world. You’ll develop sample apps that target your marvel of software engineering. You’ll create documentation and work with a team of app developers who’ll be built around you, to support your vision.

It’s an Architect role that becomes a Developer Advocate role and ends up being a general Guru role – it’s a career-making role.

You’re the right candidate if…

  • You’re an expert TypeScript / JavaScript developer with strong React skills – you could tell us your favourite new feature from TS 4.0 without looking it up
  • You’ve built complicated libraries or frameworks before for internal customers or open-source; you’re able to understand the needs of junior developers and power users, and tailor your APIs to both
  • You’re gregarious for a developer – you’ll be happy talking to Product Managers, developers at other companies, senior management; everyone’s going to want a piece of your Guru brain, and you’ll be comfortable giving it

About the company

  • Your work will be used by the most incredible set of large and small companies; imagine ringing Valve and knowing the person you’re talking to is using your software
  • An exceptional range of benefits, including private healthcare, your choice of workstation (souped-up Macbook Pro with 2 HD monitors? no problem), season ticket loans, and a whole host of others
  • The company is small enough and agile enough to not be bureaucratic – if you’ve got a good idea, you’ll be able to get it executed without lots of tedious meetings with middle-management

Why apply with CareersJS?

Some of our clients you may already be familiar with, and some you’ll have never heard of. But in our opinion, you’re always best off applying through CareersJS. Why?

  • We’ll work with you to make sure your CV / résumé is the strongest it can be before we submit it; we know what our clients are looking for, and we’ll work with you to make sure your most relevant experience is highlighted;
  • We can chase your application and argue your case in a way that would look pushy if you did it; we have strong relationships with our clients, they trust our advice, and we talk to them very frequently;
  • We have the same interest in getting a great salary as you do; our remuneration is based on a percentage of your starting salary, and we know how much the client is willing to pay – we do a lot of negotiation behind the scenes.

This job is no longer officially open, but see below for how to register your interest in roles like this, and be told as if the company reopens hiring.

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