It’s Not Rocket Science . . . Or is it?

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image is NASA Rocket Experiment Finds the Universe Brighter Than We Thought, via Flickr; license: CC BY 2.0

Ready to blast off into a stratosphere of awesome?

“It’s not rocket science.” We’ve all heard someone say it, and we know that whatever they’re talking about doesn’t ask much from the ol’ grey matter. If you’re looking for a job like that then scroll on by, because this one’s for the rocket scientists of coding.

Our client is looking for a detail-oriented programmer with superior JS/Node.js skills, the sort of person who would’ve made sure Houston DIDN’T have a problem.

No need to travel to Neptune for this one; your new office is located in the heart of London, and since you’re only a moonwalk away from London Bridge Station, getting there will be easy as 3-2-1 lift-off. Fancy a quick bite after work? There are great restaurants nearby! Maybe stop in at your local and grab a pint. You know what you can’t do in space? Drink from a pint glass. Talk about an intergalactic incident.

Here on Earth, the client is a large, well-known company with a knack for dollars and cents. They’ve set their phasers to “stun,” and they’re ready to turn the currency exchange game on its pointed Venusian ear. They’re looking for a programmer with out-of-this-world skills and an attention to detail that would make NASA sit up and take notice.

This role is for a senior JavaScript/Node.js/React developer who can’t wait to tackle more architectural responsibility. We want someone who sweats the small stuff; the sort of person who notices when a decimal point has gone astray. You know—someone who makes sure the spacesuit is airtight and ready for flight. If the thought of engineering the technical direction of our client’s internal products makes you want to fly a loop-de-loop, then we want to hear from you. Beam your transmission out into the galaxy (or shoot us an email—whichever’s easier).

This job is no longer officially open, but see below for how to register your interest in roles like this, and be told as if the company reopens hiring.

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