Big City, Bigger Greenspace

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image is Putrajaya Botanical Garden by Mohd Fazlin Mohd Effendy Ooi, via Flickr; license: CC BY 2.0

This role is a walk in the park

When you think “city,” what comes to mind? Skyscrapers? Sure. Nightmarish traffic? Maybe. A concrete jungle with plenty of nightlife and amenities but no flowers and trees? Probably—but what if we told you we knew of a place that does away with the downsides of big city living and gives you all the perks with none of the detractors? Stuff and nonsense, you might say, but read on—we have a new opportunity for you that’s as attractive as your next home!

Located in Cyberjaya, this international client is a financial company that believes online trading should be available to all . . . and it turns out the world agreed with them! Twenty years on, they’ve seen incredible growth around the globe. With a brand that’s recognized worldwide and a passion for hiring extraordinary employees, they are looking for a few great people to join their team.

The Cyberjaya office is looking for a front-end developer. You should be used to working with a package manager (they use npm), a task runner (like Gulp or Webpack), a CSS preprocessor, and WebSockets. They’ve looking for someone with a wealth of experience across the JavaScript ecosystem – you should have opinions on ES6, played with TypeScript, understand the role of Babel and Web Workers, and you’ve mastered a modern framework like React or Angular.

Cyberjaya has all the transportation and big-city amenities you could want, but with hundreds of acres of greenspace to counterbalance concrete jungle-itis. Add to that a ton of restaurants, tennis and basketball courts, a go-kart track, and swimming pools, and all your recreation needs are met. And if you think Cyberjaya doesn’t have enough room to roam, nearby Putrajaya has so many parks, wetlands, and botanical gardens that you’ll be seeing green, and not just in your bank account! If you want to travel further afield in search of the perfect place to kick back, why not take a short drive to Kuala Lumpur and Air Asia’s home airport. In this prime location, you’ll be connected to the rest of Asia by a short flight. Weekend vacay, here you come!

The parks and greenspaces of Cyberjaya are calling . . . will you answer? Whether you walk, bike, or go-kart, get to your email and drop us a line today!


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