Aussie Start-up (Funded) Seeks Brilliant Developer

Job ref: OSC1210 - Location: Sydney

The product is an internet payment gateway. The customers are retailers, service companies, and business owners who use credit cards. The company was founded in 2012 but accepted a sizeable investment last year to grow the developer team.

Culture? Solidly developer centrist. Ideas, not personalities, win. You’ll be working closely with other developers. Everyone mentors and advises each other. There’s no real hierarchy; the office structure is flat. Continuous learning it is.

So, what do you bring? Ideally, mastery in more than one language (Ruby, Go, or Node. JS). You write clean code and won’t shy away from testing it. You want to understand the end user—and their expectations for fast, convenient, and secure transactions. The company emphasizes customer service. It’s what helps them stand apart from other payment processors. Their support team shares customer issues which often leads to the next round of product improvements. It’s important that you can toggle between tech-speak and normal English.

The company’s in a suburb just east of Sydney (heaps of restaurants with every kind of food).

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