And on the Seventh Day, You Rested

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Financial Angels Seeking A Divinely-Inspired JS Genius

Have you ever looked at the system you’re working on and thought, “I could’ve designed this better?” Now, we’re not saying you’ll get to play God, but we have a dreamy role that will let you create your masterpiece.

Our client is looking for a detail-oriented programmer with superior JS/Node.js skills. No divine intervention necessary—just you, your incredible know-how, and a desire to build a system that makes you sing Glory Hallelujah.

In the words of the immortal Belinda Carlisle, “Heaven is a place on Earth.” To be more specific, your heavenly new workplace is in the glowing center of London, and you’ll have no trouble with the commute to your everlasting reward, because the London Bridge Station is only a short walk away. Fewer hours on the tube means more time to kick back, relax, and congratulate yourself on finding such a plum position!

The client is a large, well-known company who believe in salvation—that is, saving money. These financial angels make pre-paid cards a breeze and keep devilish currency exchangers from taking a big cut from poor souls who only want to travel knowing their money is secure.

This role is for a senior JavaScript/Node.js/React developer who wants to turn their hand to something with more architectural responsibility. The client is in the midst of re-platforming, which means you will have a hand in sculpting the direction the system takes. With your super-duper attention to detail, you will engineer the technical direction of our client’s internal products. Think of the impact you’ll make! Think of the power! Did you get goosebumps, or was that just me?

Now, let us bow our heads . . . And send an email, because we want to hear from you!

Let's do this!

Interested in finding out more? Want to get the application process started? There's an application form up and to your right on this page (or maybe below if you're on a very small screen), or you can simply email us on [email protected] quoting OSC1235.

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