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Get personalised career advice from a JavaScript developer & npm contributor turned recruiter

We help clients and candidates across the UK, the EU, the US, and Australia by:

Offering specific JavaScript-related career and salary advice

Optimizing your GitHub profile

Understanding the skills companies will hire you for

Why CareerJS?

Many of the most rewarding companies to work for aren't acively looking to hire, but if a recruiter who understands the candidate's strengths and the company's needs puts them together, they'll find a place.
Most of the candidates we place aren't actively looking for roles, and aren't available to traditional recruiters. That's the power of a personal network of highly skilled and pre-vetted talents.

For Developers

  • Get an expert, outside perspective on your CV or resume
  • Request a confidential run-down on a company you're thinking of applying for
  • Receive recommendations on what employers are truly looking for
  • Know if you're being paid properly

For Hiring Managers

  • Learn how to write jobs that attract real talent
  • Get advice on the best free and paid channels for finding candidates
  • Receive guidance on market salaries
  • Get help fleshing out what your actual requirements are